Secure Blockchain Payments

Process Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Transactions

Blockchain Payments

Process cryptocurrency on your ecommerce website and easily integrate payment options using our secure API

Secured Money

Accept Crypto payments & receive crypto or FIAT settlements directly into your Bank account

Card % Crypto Payments

Integrate our Secure Platform for Blockchain Payments alongside tradition payment processing

Accept Cryptocurrency

Increase your payment options

Crypto payments are fast, secure and anonymous, they are cheaper to process and hence are widely used by businesses in all areas. Best of all, there is no chance of Chargeback or fraud…

Blockchain Technology

Easy to set up

No Chargebacks

Secure payments

Easy Integration

Fast Approvals


Grow your business

Increase sales

With Blockchain payments becoming increasingly popular across social media channels, increase sales to a global audience

International Payments

Multiple payment options

Accept Bitcoin as payment option and receive settlement in multiple Fiat currencies to your settlement bank account

Quick Application

Accept payments within a few hours

The application for Blockchain Payment Gateway and processing account takes only a few minutes and you receive a decision soon after

Safe & Secure

Anonymous payments

With Blockchain Technology payments a anonymous provide safe and confidential environment for your customers

Save 000's

Low Transaction Fees

If you are trading in a high risk environment and paying high processing fees you can reduce this by nearly 95% by providing a Blockchain payment option

Details Reporting

Receive real-time analytics

Download detailed transaction history in real-time with clear and transparent charges

Global Payments

Increase your customer base

Provide single pricing on your products and expand your customer base to a global audience

Accept Cryptocurrency

Fast Fiat Settlements

Accept Crypto and receive FIAT Settlements directly into your Bank Account

Fast & Secure Payments

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology is Safe and Secure

Accept Crypto payments and receive FIAT Settlements directly into your Bank Account. Provide additional payment options alongside Visa & MasterCard. Unleash the potential of anonymous Blockchain payment technology. There’s a Quick application process and it’s easy to integrate using our secure API

Crypto Integration

Cryptocurrency can be accepted online and in-store, our MPOS solution enables the merchant to collect cryptocurrency using mobile device, for online transactions we provide a secure payment gateway. We integrate with the majority of shopping cart providers offering plugins for websites using; wordpress, WooCommerce, Megento, Zencart and many more.

Quick Set Up

Plugin Ready


Fraud Prevention


International Payments

How it works

Submit Enquiry

Simply complete the quick enquiry form below and our payment specialists will be in contact

Get Approval

Upon receiving your enquiry we will usually, within a hour respond with pre-approval or a further advice


Review the integration documents and work with our support team for assistance

Quick Applications

Our onboarding team will assess your application and advise you of the required documentation to open your account

Settlement Account

Advise us of the currency that you would like to receive your settlement payments in


Fast onboarding with quick decisions... gain approval and start accepting payments


What is Blockchain technology?

At its most basic level, blockchain is literally just a chain of blocks, but not in the traditional sense of those words. When we say the words “block” and “chain” in this context, we are actually talking about digital information (the “block”) stored in a public database (the “chain”). “Blocks” on the blockchain are made up of digital pieces of information.

How do I receive payments in my currency?

When you start receiving blockchain payments from your customers, your digital funds will be deposited to your account. You can designate the fiat currency that you want to receive your settlement payments in.

How do I accept payment on my website?

Our payment gateway is ready to accept conventional card payments and the facility to process Cryptocurrency. Integration to your website can be via a hosted payment page or with direct integration

How do I apply?

Simply complete the form below and our payment specialists will take some information about your business and get your account set up, usually within a few hours.


I was missing out on customers before, I never knew how much until I started accepting digital payments

Ana Adabisi

Setting up Blockga8 was simple! With a plugin ready for my website, I was able to take payments within a few minutes

Steven Griffin
Web Developer

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